The EBT is making an effort to reduce its carbon footprint. Since sustainability is becoming a more and more important topic overtime, we felt the urge to contribute to the earth’s overall wellbeing. We are aware of the fact that our promotion is not 100% sustainable, therefore we feel the responsibility to compensate for this and give something back to the environment.
We are making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint in the following ways:

  • We reduced the amount of flyers used for promotion by 10%;
  • We developed an app to reduce the tickets and vouchers needed during the EBT;
  • We are planting trees to compensate for the remaining flyers;
  • We are using sustainable promotion materials, such as compostable coffee cups in the Mensa;
  • We are increasingly making use of our and the university’s online promotion channels;
  • We are increasingly using our social media channels for promotion purposes to reduce the amount of paper used.