For Recruiters

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Why join the Economic Business weeks Tilburg, the largest recruitment event in the South of the Netherlands?

  • Get in touch with over 1,500 motivated students;
  • Get to know students through a wide variety of activities;
  • Large-scale exposure on and around the campus of Tilburg University.

Over 1,500 students registered for the last edition of the EBT. Most of the students were at the end of their Bachelors or in their Masters, which gives you as a company the opportunity to recruit future employees. Because we offer both formal and informal activities, you get the chance to find out who the participating students are and what their strengths are. Depending on the activity, you also get the opportunity to choose who you want to meet based on the CVs of the students.

More information about the activities we are offering can be found here. You can always contact us via +31(0)13 463 3516 or by e-mailing us on