Koninklijke Peijnenburg, part of Lotus Bakeries N.V., is a highly successful food manufacturer of high-quality consumer products. Among other things, we produce gingerbread and luxury cakes under the brands Peijnenburg, Snelle Jelle, Echte Enkhuizer and Lotus Biscoff. In addition, for several years we have been represented in Responsible Snacks with our brands Nakd, BEAR, TREK and Kiddylicious.

Working at Koninklijke Peijnenburg is done with passion and quality. For over 140 years!

We are an organization characterized as young, entrepreneurial and with an informal and open culture. Koninklijke Peijnenburg attaches great value to the development and growth of its employees and is always looking for ambitious and enthusiastic colleagues who want to dedicate themselves to the organization.

Are you completing your WO education or would you like to gain practical experience? With us, you get the opportunity to take a look at the FMCG industry where you independently take on projects and tasks. We often offer talented interns starter positions in one of our departments!

Enthusiastic? Check our website for vacancies https://www.lotusbakeriesjobs.com/nl/jobs

Or contact us at [email protected]


DLL is a global finance partner for equipment and technology assets—driven to helping your business grow. We deliver sustainable and effective solutions to move assets to market, throughout the entire asset life cycle: commercial finance, retail finance and used equipment finance.

With more than 50 years of industry experience, we understand the unique needs of our partners and customers around the world and work hard to provide flexible solutions to meet their objectives. Headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, DLL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group.


At DLL, we are many things. We are team members, family members, community member. We are members of society, members of different cultures and nationalities. Members of change. We each have different beliefs, different passions, different viewpoints, talents and interests. We come from different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and histories.

But for all of our differences, we share one thing in common: each of us are members of DLL.

Our company was founded in the Netherlands. But today we are truly a multinational business. Our unique culture is rooted in higher collaboration, less hierarchy and an honest directness that enable us to integrate, ideate and innovate across country lines.

Many companies say they are European, American, Asian or Australian, at DLL we are all these places and more.

We are a cross-culture collaborative – an interconnected network – that comes together every single day with one goal in mind: Partnering for a better world.

Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) is a UN ECOSOC NGO human rights organization based in The Hague that commits itself to the protection of human rights and credible human rights reporting. We pursue avenues that have received little to no attention from the general public and news coverage. We have research teams dedicated to different topics under the broad umbrella of human rights, such as Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights, or International Justice, and to different regions – East Asia, Southeast Asia and Pacific, Pakistan, Middle East, and Europe. We are also proud of our special United Nations research team that covers the various Human Rights Council sessions and General Assembly sessions. Rooted in the belief that every human being, irrespective of race, religion, gender, or background, deserves to live a life free from discrimination, oppression, and injustice, GHRD’s journey is inspired by the unfading principle that selfless action is the true agent of positive change. Drawing upon the universal principles of empathy and compassion, we tirelessly work towards building bridges, forging alliances, and nurturing a global community where human rights flourish.

 At the core of our mission lies an unwavering dedication to our four pivotal pillars of human rights advocacy. Our four pillars are: human rights and investigation, human rights lobby and advocacy, human rights and education, and human rights and empowerment. Our mission is to actively promote and protect human rights of minorities and marginalized groups in order to enhance their socio-economic status. This is done through an international platform of empowerment via education, advocacy, and lobbying to demand more effort from established organizations, institutions, media, and relevant authorities.We strive for the fulfillment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Declaration on Rights of Minorities (1992). Our vision is to grant a world where the rights of all minorities and marginalized groups are respected and upheld in accordance with national and international laws, treaties and agreements.

How can our hunger for data also solve world hunger?

The hunger problem in the world is enormous. Tonight, according to the United Nations, as many as 783 million people will go to bed hungry. Every ten seconds a child dies somewhere in our world as a result of hunger and malnutrition.

Tilburg University’s Zero Hunger Lab helps with data science to realize global food security. We call it bytes for bites.

Our mission is to make people independent of food aid so that they can ensure sustainable food security themselves. We do this not only in Africa, Asia or the Middle East, but also in the Netherlands where more than 160,000 people depend on the Food Banks for their ‘daily bread’. 

More than twenty researchers from Tilburg University are active in the lab. They work together on more than forty research projects with numerous partners such as: World Food Programme, Food Banks Netherlands, ZOA, World Vision, Welthungerhilfe, Oxfam, World Bank, INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group, Wageningen University & Research and Nuffic.

Read more on our research and projects: Website Zero Hunger Lab

Become inspired by our stories: Zero Hunger Lab special (English) by New Scientist – Issuu

At Ormit Talent we do everything we can to kick-start your career. Young professionals like you grow into real top talents with us. This is how you become one of the new leaders of tomorrow! Get the most out of the personal coaching, guidance and training that we offer you. We focus on the recruitment, development and deployment of ‘the special ones’. A new generation of talent who helps ambitious companies to turn their future challenges into opportunities and at the same time contribute to creating a better world. That will benefit you for the rest of your career. Your future looks bright. Let’s start today

Undutchables Recruitment Agency is the pioneer in recruitment of international business sector personnel in the Netherlands. Undutchables (your international business partner) matches multilingual talent with challenging jobs in the Netherlands. We believe that to achieve international success, you must not only speak the market’s language but understand its culture. Our international talents fit this description to a tee, with a proven track record in multilingual job matching and placement.

Memory Schoolprojects has one goal, to prepare students as well as possible for the job market! You may know us from the largest career fair in the Netherlands: The National Career fair. In addition to this fair, we organize many other projects, such as career-orientated workshops, CV checks and free professional LinkedIn photoshoots. During the EBT, students will have the opportunity to have a professional LinkedIn photo taken for free. Besides that, we offer a free career package which includes an E-ticket for the career fair and a TalentMatch profile.

Student Career Services helps students in their preparation for a successful transition to the labor market. By providing a wide variety of services such as information sessions, workshops and personal guidance, Student Career Services helps students to clarify their career goals, establish career plans and develop skills. As a link between Program Management, Study Associations, employers and other parties, the Career Services Officer assists students in making the connection between their academic experience and future career paths. Student Career Services consists of highly experienced career coaches, trainers and advisors, each with their own expertise, tailored to students’ needs.

We want to help you get a career you love. Get practical advice on finding a job with the right employer and exploring different career paths.

Our experienced career advisors provide free advice on creating an effective resume, personal branding (including on LinkedIn) and how to prepare for your job search or interview.

We help you explore internships, traineeships or best-fit employers to make sure that you will be happy and successful in your job.

Do you need personal advice, or do you have a specific career question? We are happy to help!

Check www.carrierebus.nl for tailor-made career advice or www.cv-check.nl for a CV check, whenever you need it the most.