All students studying at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management are welcome to participate in the EBT. In order for international students to participate in our event, several companies offer their activities in English. Furthermore, students of other faculties and universities are welcome to participate as well.

You will be able to subscribe for the Business Night when you register on the website of the EBT. You can either tick the box under “Edit my profile” or you can subscribe via the header “Subscription and costs” of the Business Night: http://www.ebtilburg.nl/subscriptions-and-costs

It all depends on the activities that you subscribe for, whether you should upload a Dutch or English CV. If you subscribe for English CV activities, make sure to upload an English CV. If you only subscribe for Dutch activities, it is also fine if you upload a Dutch CV.

Since the main objective of the Economic Business weeks Tilburg is to serve students in the best way possible, we only charge 3 euros for all activities.

Except for the Company Days, here you pay once 5 euros. This amount does not depend on how many days you are present. These costs include a nice lunch and/or an informal drink and a goodie bag that you will receive at the start of the EBT. In case you are unexpectedly unable to participate in an activity, you are able to cancel your subscription free of charge until five office days before the activity. This can be done by sending an e-mail to info@ebtilburg.nl or by giving a call to +31 (0)13 463 3516. If you do not cancel the activity in time, we will charge the fee, you will be put on the Asset blacklist and the company for which you have subscribed will receive your name.
When you register yourself you have to enter your bankaccount, from which the money will be withdrawn. If you are an International Student you have to pay the subscription fee  if you come pick up your participation package at the registration desk.

To make sure you don’t have to spend hours on this website looking for something, we will provide you with a short summary.

1. The Home page provides you with a word of welcome and some general information to get an overal impression.
2. Under the button ‘General Information’ you can find information about our event, locations, dress codes, subscription, costs and supporting associations.
3. At ‘Program EBT 2017’ you can find all the different days and activities in which you can participate during the EBT weeks.
4. An overview of all the companies participating in the Economic Business weeks Tilburg 2017 can be found under ‘Participating Companies’. You can click on the company logos to get an overview of the activities of this particular company.
5. A short description of upcoming year’s organization can be found under ‘EBT Organization’.
6. Information about the grand opening of the EBT can be found under ‘Business Night’. Information about the theme, speakers and subscription can be read here.
7. You are now on the ‘FAQ’ page. All important questions regarding ANYTHING concerning the Economic Business weeks Tilburg 2017 can be viewed here.

You can subscribe yourself for activities by logging in with an e-mailadress and password. When you register, you will receive an e-mail to activate your account. Once you’ve done that, you can log in and edit your personal profile. When your profile is updated, you can select activities in which you want to participate under the button ‘Participating Companies’. Moreover, you can check your subscriptions, edit your profile and view your personal schedule (after subscription is closed) at your personal menu.

You do not have to participate the whole week. You can subscribe yourself for any activity or day you like and are not obligated to go to any other activities. You only have to pay for the days in which you participate in one or more activities.

In order to guide you easily along the process of subscription, here follows a quick 4-step plan:

1. Register with your e-mail and a password. Update your personal information and upload a PDF-file of your CV.

2. You can subscribe in the following ways:
  • Tabs under ‘Program EBT 2017’ – clicking on a company logo will bring you to the subscribe page for their activities
  • ‘Schedule Company Days’ – you can read more detailed information first or subscribe immediately for an activity of a certain company
  • ‘Participating companies’ – click on a company of your interest and choose an activity to subscribe for
At all times, you can hit the green “Subscribe Now!” button to subscribe for an activity.
3. You can check your subscriptions when going to ‘My Subscriptions’ via the ‘Account’ menu.
4. Need any help? Send us an e-mail (info@ebtilburg.nl) or come to our information desk in the Koopmans building.

Do you want to participate in the EBT 2017, but you are not a student at Tilburg University? Fear not! Also for external students there is the possibility to participate.

If you are interested in joining multiple activities that take place at the same time and they are based on CV selection, it is possible to subscribe for both activities. When you subscribe for multiple activities at the same time, you will be asked to rank the activities according to your preference at “My Subscriptions”. Because of this, we can assign you to your preferred company activity if you are selected for both activities.

If you want to attend Individual Conversations and in the same time slot also a Company Presentation, Workshop or Business Lunch, make sure to e-mail us. If you get selected for the Individual Conversations, we will make sure your individual conversation is scheduled before or after the Company Presentation/Workshop/Business Lunch.

Note: Please take into account that companies take the effort to look into your CV when you apply for a CV selection activity, therefore we advise you not to subscribe for many activities at the same time. Companies will be disappointed when all the students they have selected, join activities from other companies instead.