Dress Code

To give companies a good first impression, you should dress appropriately. We highly recommend you to dress according to the set dress code, since companies will take this into consideration when making a profile of you. During the EBT we use two different dress codes:

“Business Formal / Attire” entails that you are expected to wear a suit. “Business Casual” means that you should dress in a formal way, but a suit is not necessary.

Dress Code per Event

Event Dress Code
CV & LinkedIn Checks Business Casual
Business Night Business Casual
Training Day Business Casual
Case Days Business Formal / Attire
Consultancy Orientation Days Business Formal / Attire
Accountancy Orientation Day Business Casual
Company Days (Company Presentations, Informal Activity) Business Casual
Company Days (Business Lunches, Workshops, Individual Conversations) Business Formal / Attire