Company Days (April 20-24)

On April 20 till 24 the Company Days will take place. During these five days, more than 50 companies will visit Tilburg University to get in touch with you! They will introduce themselves through several activities, which offer you the possibility to familiarize yourself with the companies you are interested in. The Company Days are perfect to kick-start your career and to meet various companies of your interest!

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At the Company Days you will:

  • Meet over 50 companies operating in all sorts of sectors providing more than 100 activities in total, spread over 5 days
  • Be able to choose how you want to meet the companies of your choice
  • Orientate which sector or company you like and meet your dream employer
  • Get in touch with recruiters from the participating companies during the lunch and informal drink

Activity Types

Business Lunches and Dinners Familiarize yourself with a company while enjoying a high quality lunch at the Faculty Club or Auberge du Bonheur.
Company Presentations In one hour, you get a first impression of the company of your interest and the opportunity to ask your questions.
Individual Conversations A unique opportunity to talk for either 25 or 35 minutes individually with a recruiter from a company of your interest.
Informal Activities Meet the company of your interest during an Informal Activity. Join a sushi workshop, beer tasting or golf clinic!
Informal Drink Do you still have some questions left at the end of the day? Join the informal drink and talk to the representatives of the participating companies. You do not have to subscribe, the only requirement is that you will be wearing your EBT badge.
Workshops An excellent way to show your academic skills, competences and motivation in a 2.5 hour case.

General Information

Costs €5 in total, for all days
Dress code Business Formal or Business Casual (Company Presentations and Informal Activities)
Location Tilburg University; Auberge du Bonheur or Faculty Club (Business Lunches)
Open for Dutch and International students
Selection CV (except for Company Presentations)

Note: It is possible to subscribe for multiple activities which will take place at the same time! If this happens, you can rank your preference when subscribing for an overlapping activity. In this way, we will be able to assign you to your preferred activity.

Note: If you subscribe for a workshop or informal activity, you are required to attend the Company Presentation of the corresponding company for which you will be automatically registered.

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