Business Night (April 6)

The Business Night is the grand opening of the EBT. The evening aims at broadening students’ vision by sharing inspiring stories. With prominent speakers and leaders in their areas of expertise, the Business Night is a unique opportunity to go beyond academic knowledge and get inspired by the diverse leaders. The event will take place in the Auditorium of Tilburg University in the evening of April 6.

The theme of this evening is:
‘Small but powerful: The success of The Netherlands’

Our country might be small in size, but this definitely does not hold us back. From the invention of the stock market in 1602 to the dikes and man-made islands that we build all over the world nowadays, our impact has always been present. Applying this perspective to the business world should give us interesting insights: why do big multinationals opt for a headquarter in the Netherlands? How do the Dutch influence the rest of the world? What are fields that we are particularly good at and why? We are thrilled to hear the exciting stories from leading figures of our society and have those and more questions answered by them!

Program Information

Jean-François van Boxmeer (CEO Heineken International)

Hans Honig (CEO Deloitte Nederland)

Gerard Timmer (Managing Director NOS)

Sander Schimmelpenninck (Chairman of the day)
As chairman of the day, Sander will be in charge of the evening.

General information

Costs €2,-
Dress code Business Casual
Location Tilburg University, Auditorium
Open for Dutch and International students
Selection “First come, First served”

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