Training Day

On Monday April 9, the Training Day is organized. This day is divided into a Dutch Track and an International Track and takes place at the Willem II Conference Center.

You will be trained in numerous ways, obtaining useful skills within and outside your future career. The morning sessions are focused on personal development, containing training programs like networking and problem structuring. The sessions in the afternoon, on the other hand, are focused on assessment. During these training programs you will get the opportunity to practice and go into detail of the different aspects of an assessment.

All sessions are given to a group of approximately 15 students and will contain a lot of interaction, providing you with many examples and feedback from your fellow group members.

The International Track is especially designed for international students and will include two trainings, a lunch and will be ended with an informal drink.

More information about the Training Day can be found under Dutch Track (for Dutch students) and International Track (for international students).

IMPORTANT: this day is suitable for all the students of Tilburg University.