LinkedIn Checks (April 4)

LinkedIn Checks

Increasingly, recruiters use LinkedIn to find new applicants, so a representative and professional LinkedIn profile is essential. During the LinkedIn Checks, experts will check your profile and provide you with useful tips on how to optimize your profile and how you can stand out from the competition. When you subscribe for the LinkedIn checks, you can select a 20 minute session in the morning program (8:40-12:15 hrs) or in the afternoon program (13:15-16:35 hrs) with one of the participating companies.

To get even better advice, we highly recommend choosing a company specialized in your field of study. They can make more detailed suggestions and provide you with additional career advice. To ensure that you benefit the most of your check, make sure that you come to the session well prepared with some questions on how to improve your CV and LinkedIn page.


Company Fields of Interest English Status
Fagro Acc / BA / Etrics / Eco / Fin / Inf. M No Full
Joust Acc / BA / Etrics / Eco / Fin / Inf. M No Full
Kasparov Acc / BA / Fin / Eco No Full
Loyal Interim Acc / BA / Etrics / Eco / Fin / Inf. M / Int. M / Str. M / Soc. Sc No Full
Tilburg University Career Services All fields of interest Yes Full

Note: please take into account that you are requested to subscribe only for LinkedIn Checks of companies that are interested in your field of study


Your CV is up to date, your LinkedIn profile is representative, now it is time to take the perfect picture for your CV and LinkedIn page! Therefore, a photographer will be present during the day. All participants from the CV and/or LinkedIn Checks have the possibility to take a professional photograph between 9:30-12:15 hrs and 13:15-16:30 hrs. This is not mandatory and free of charge.

General Information

Costs Free of charge
Dress code Business Casual
Location Tilburg University
Open for Dutch and International students
Selection “First come, First served”