Business Night (April 1)

The Business night is the grand opening of the EBT. The evening aims at broadening students’ vision by sharing inspiring stories. With prominent speakers and leaders in their areas of expertise, the Business Night is a unique opportunity to go beyond academic knowledge and get inspired by the diverse leaders. The event will take place in the Auditorium of Tilburg University in the evening of April 1.

The theme of this evening is:

‘Entering a New Era: What’s Next?’

Our modern, fast-paced society is subject to constant changes. Technological developments have a large influence on markets and innovation is the key in staying ahead of the competition. How do companies deal with large transitions in their environment? And how did changes in the personal lives of our speakers affect their career path? The future is uncertain, but our speakers will shed a light on their vision on what’s next.  

Program Information

This year we are delighted to welcome another inspiring and prestigious selection of speakers from a wide range of different industries: Marjan van Loon (CEO Shell), Phillip Mountford (CEO Hunkemöller), Mattijs ten Brink (CEO Transavia) and Stefanie Hottenhuis (CEO KPMG Nederland). The evening will be presented by the chairman of the day.

General information

Costs €2,-
Dress code Business Casual
Location Tilburg University, Auditorium
Open for Dutch and International students
Selection “First come, First served”