Subscription and Costs

Subscriptions for the Economic Business weeks Tilburg 2018 are open till March 8! Subscribe before this deadline and join the largest recruitement event of Tilburg! Note that for some activities participation is based on the first come, first served principle. This is applicable to the CV & LinkedIn Checks and the Training Day, so if you want to make sure you get to join one of those activities, make sure to subscribe quickly!

Costs per Event

Event Costs
Business Night  Free
CV & LinkedIn Checks  Free
Training Day  3,00
Consultancy Orientation Days  3,00*
Company Days  5,00**
Accountancy Orientation Day  3,00
Case Days  3,00

* The participation fee for those 2 days will be the same as the fee when participating in 1 day, so 3 euro in total.
** For this 5 euro, you can participate in all activities during the five Company Days.

As shown above, participation during the Company Days only costs 5 euros. So join as many activities as possible to kick-start your career! This price includes a goodie bag at the start of the EBT, a lunch and an informal drink on the days that you participate in.