The Economic Business weeks tilburg 2018 will take place at different locations in Tilburg. Of course, most of it will be on the green campus of Tilburg University, but there are also of activities that are organized at the locations of our horeca partner Bonheur Group. On this page you can check where the different events will take place and what the locations.


Event Location
Business Night Auditorium of Tilburg University
CV & LinkedIn Checks Tilburg University
Registration Day Tilburg University
Training Day Willem II Conference Center
Consultancy Orientation Day Tilburg University and Auberge du Bonheur
Company Days Tilburg University
Business Lunches Faculty Club or Auberge du Bonheur
Case Days Villa de Vier Jaargetijden
Accountancy Orientation Day Tilburg University and Prise d’Eau Golf

Tilburg University
The Business Night, the CV & LinkedIn Checks, the Company Days, and a part of the Consultancy Orientation Day and Accountancy Orientation Day will take place in several buildings on the campus of Tilburg University. You can click here for a map of Tilburg University.

Willem II Conference Center
The Training Day takes place at the Willem II Conference Center. Every year, we make use of business rooms at the Willem II Stadium, which are perfectly suited for an interactive training. The delicious catering this day will be served by Bonheur Horeca Groep.

Prise d’Eau Golf
The informal activity of the Accountancy Orientation Day will take place at Prise d’Eau Golf. After the case rounds, you can enjoy yourself during a golf clinic. Finally, there will be a delicious dinner and an informal drink.

Villa de Vier Jaargetijden
The Case Days take place at the Villa de Vier Jaargetijden, an elegant location in the city center of Tilburg. The Bonheur Horeca Group provides the participants with their excellent cuisine.

Faculty Club or Auberge Du Bonheur
Just like previous years, the modern Faculty Club or the elegant Auberge du Bonheur are the locations where the Business Lunches will take place. At Auberge du Bonheur, the Consultancy Orientation Days will also take place. Both restaurants are widely known for their high quality kitchen. A team of expert chefs guarantees the creative use of daily fresh ingredients.