General Conditions

1. General:
1.1 Introduction
Hereby Economic Business week Tilburg B.V., hereafter referred to as EBT, wants to inform you about its terms and conditions. By creating an account on the website, you agree to the terms and conditions and are bound by this agreement.

2. Program:
2.1 Program
The program of the EBT is determined in advance and times and locations are fixed. We strive to comply to the schedule as accurately as possible. May unexpected changes occur, the EBT organization will inform students as soon and accurately as they can.

3. Registration:
3.1 Registration
All required fields in the registration form are necessary information needed for the organization of the EBT. By accepting the terms and conditions, the participant agrees to this information being used. All gathered personal information will be used for the sole purpose of organizing the EBT. More information on the gathering and collection of our data can be found in our Privacy Statement.

4. CV-Selection:
4.1 CV-selection activities
Certain activities of the EBT contain a CV-selection. These include the Consultancy Experience, Big Four (Accountancy) Experience, Case Days, and the Business Lunch / Dinner, Workshop, Informal Activity and Individual Conversation of the Company Days. In order to be chosen for one (or more) of the above mentioned activities, a participant is required to upload their CV to their account on the EBT website.

4.2 Confidentiality
By subscribing to an activity with CV-selection, the participant accepts that their CV will be shared with the respective company. The CV will be used for the sole purpose of organizing the EBT.

4.3 Selection
The EBT has no influence on the CV-selection of students, this is fully done by the respective company. Subscribing for an activity will thus not necessarily result in a spot for the activity. Whether or not you are selected will be communicated to you on the 1st of April.

5. Personal schedule:
5.1 Deadline
On April 1, the EBT organization will send participants their personal schedule via email. From this moment on, it is not possible anymore to unsubscribe oneself for activities via the website. See section 7 for more information about cancellation and our penalty policy.

5.2 Preference
Up until the registration deadline, a student can rank ones preferences for overlapping activities. In this way, the organization will allocate participants based on their own preference ranking and the selection of the company.

6. Privacy:
6.1 General
By creating an account on the website, a user bounds oneself to our Privacy Policy. We use the collected data for no other purpose than the organization of the EBT 2020.

6.2 Pictures
During the activities of the EBT, pictures will be taken. These pictures will be used for promotional material during upcoming editions. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree that the EBT is authorized to take pictures of you during events and can use these for our promotional material. If you explicitly disagree with your pictures being used, you can send an email to

7. Penalty policy:
7.1 Penalty policy
By subscribing for CV-selection activities, the Training Day and CV and/or LinkedIn Checks in the EBT, you agree to face a penalty of €10 when you cancel less than three working days before the activity takes place. In addition, when you do not show up at the activity without cancellation, a fine of €20 will be charged. Per extra activity where you do not show up and do not cancel, the EBT organization will charge you an extra €5 on top of the €20. In addition, you will be put on an Asset-wide blacklist for future business events and the company for which the participant subscribed will receive your name. This penalty exists to compensate the organization for already inquired expenses and to minimize no-shows.

7.2 Cancellation
Until three working days before the activity takes place, a participant can cancel their subscription by sending an email to or by calling to +31 (0)13 463 3516. Exceptional situations will be assessed individually.