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About the company

Sligro wants people to enjoy delicious, good and honest food. That’s what we do our best for every day. Sligro comprises 52 regional wholesalers, 8 logistics delivery service, and two strong franchise formulas. With a product range of more than 75,000 items, we are the partner for food professionals. We believe it is important for customers to become even better at their trade and business. That is why we help with advice, training and inspiration events, so that they can get the best out of their own business.

Traditionally, Sligro Food Group has been a family business. But we don’t look to the past, we want to move forward. This requires a strong culture in which we keep each other focused and go for the best possible result. To achieve this, we need each other. We are one of the largest web shops in the Netherlands, but nobody is a number to us. Ambience and personal attention are very important to us. We are convinced that the success of an organization is determined by the quality of its employees.

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