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IT / Data

About the company

Would you like to help hospitals deliver the best healthcare possible?

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Healthcare today is more tailored and more effective than ever before. However, with these improvements come great complexity and costs. The burden of healthcare spending weighs heavily on economies, and the sheer number of options physicians and patients can choose from leads to uncertainty and unacceptable variations in clinical outcomes. At LOGEX, we have one superpower: data analysis. We use this superpower to help address today’s healthcare issues by turning data into better healthcare

How you can help

Data is at the core of our solutions, but people are at the heart of everything we do. Our team of more than 450 international experts consists of data scientists, analysts, consultants, and experts in technology, healthcare economics, medicine, mathematics, and statistics. Together, we help stakeholders at more than 750 healthcare-providing institutions across Europe by bringing clarity to decisions that result in the best possible outcome at the lowest possible cost. LOGEX is serious about its mission to turn data into better healthcare and we are growing fast. That’s why we’re constantly looking for brilliant minds from a wide range of disciplines. If you enjoy solving complex problems for the greater good and working in a dynamic, entrepreneurial culture, then LOGEX is the company for you.

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We are looking for
  • Business Analytics and Operational Research (MSc)
  • Econometrics & Mathematical Economics (MSc)
  • Econometrics & Operational Research (BSc)
  • Economics (BSc)
  • Economics (MSc)
  • Quantative Finance & Actuarial Sciences (MSc)
Degree Bachelor 3rd year, Bachelor 4th+ year, Pre-Master, Master
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