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About the company

The world is yours at KLM!

At KLM a world of opportunities lies at your feet. Whether you work on board up in the skies or with both feet firmly on the ground: every day there’s something new to see, learn and discover! We’ll challenge you to not only see the possibilities but to grab them with both hands too, resulting in you getting the best out of yourself and making the most of your career.

The diversity of jobs and professions within KLM means there’s a good chance that you’ll find something that suits you. It really is up to you to identify the possibilities and seize them with both hands.

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We are looking for
  • Accountancy (MSc)
  • Business Analytics and Operational Research (MSc)
  • Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence (MSc)
  • Communicatie- & Informatiewetenschappen (BSc)
  • Communicatie- & Informatiewetenschappen (MSc)
  • Data Science (BSc)
  • Data Science (MSc)
  • Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship (MSc)
  • Econometrics & Mathematical Economics (MSc)
  • Econometrics & Operational Research (BSc)
  • Economics (BSc)
  • Economics (MSc)
  • Economie & Bedrijfseconomie (BSc)
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation (BSc)
  • European Law and Global Risk (MSc)
  • Finance (MSc)
  • Fiscaal Recht (Bsc)
  • Fiscale Economie (BSc)
  • Fiscale Economie (MSc)
  • Global Law (Bsc)
  • Human Resource Studies (MSc)
  • Information Management (MSc)
  • International Business Administration (BSc)
  • International Business Law (MSc)
  • International Business Tax Economics (MSc)
  • International Business Taxation (MSc)
  • International Law and Global Governance (MSc)
  • International Management (MSc)
  • Labour Law and Employment Relations (MSc)
  • Lawand Technology (MSc)
  • Marketing Analytics (MSc)
  • Marketing Management (MSc)
  • Ondernemingsrecht (Bsc)
  • Organisatiewetenschappen (BSc)
  • Organization Studies (MSc)
  • Personeelwetenschappen (BSc)
  • Psychology (BSc)
  • Psychology (MSc)
  • PublicGovernance: Public Administration, Economics and Law (MSc)
  • Quantative Finance & Actuarial Sciences (MSc)
  • Rechtsgeleerdheid (Bsc)
  • Sociologie (BSc)
  • Sociology (MSc)
  • Strategic Management (MSc)
  • Supply Chain Management (MSc)
  • University College Tilburg: Liberal Arts and Sciences (Bsc)
Degree Bachelor 1st year, Bachelor 2nd year, Bachelor 3rd year, Bachelor 4th+ year, Pre-Master, Master
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