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About the company

At a.s.r. we do what others talk about. We do everything within our power to insure people and build wealth in a way that contributes to a fair and sustainable society. In addition, we highly value your personal development. To ensure this we offer a wide range of workshops, courses and career counseling so you can discover where your talents and passions lie. You also get plenty of space to take control over your career and to decide how and when you do your job. We encourage you to be pro-active, to think about your role and make proposals to contribute as much as you can.

Do you want to gain valuable work experience during your studies? We offer internship assignments on a regular basis and are happy to think along with you about a graduation subject. Are you graduating soon? Kickstart your career with our traineeship or one of our challenging starter positions.




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Individual Conversations
We are looking for
  • Accountancy (MSc)
  • Business Analytics and Operational Research (MSc)
  • Econometrics & Mathematical Economics (MSc)
  • Econometrics & Operational Research (BSc)
  • Economics (BSc)
  • Economics (MSc)
  • Finance (MSc)
  • Fiscale Economie (BSc)
  • Fiscale Economie (MSc)
  • Information Management (MSc)
  • International Business Administration (BSc)
  • Marketing Analytics (MSc)
  • Marketing Management (MSc)
  • Quantative Finance & Actuarial Sciences (MSc)
  • Strategic Management (MSc)
Degree Bachelor 2nd year, Bachelor 3rd year, Bachelor 4th+ year, Pre-Master, Master
We offer
Available internships