Board EBT 2022?

Do you want to be part of the Board of the EBT 2022?
Interested in the Board of the EBT 2022? You can always send an e-mail to or visit us in room E1.22, if you are looking for more information! There are 5 different functions and you can only join the EBT board if you are a Dutch speaking student.

How to apply?
The board applications are not open yet. More information will become available later on.

Key Tasks EBT Board


  • Creating participation packages for companies;
  • Compiling the EBT program;
  • Acquiring companies over the summer period;
  • Brainstorming about the promotion period;
  • Keeping in touch with the other Asset board members.


  • EBT’s contact person for external organizations;
  • Responsible for the whole EBT organization;
  • Chairing the meetings;
  • Keeping track of the current state of affairs, the planning and the management of the EBT board;
  • Together with the Treasurer responsible for finance, as well as being present at all audit of account meetings;
  • Contact person for Asset en all other departments;
  • Helping other board members if necessary.

Vice-Chairman & Secretary

  • Coordinator during all days of the EBT;
  • Responsible for the scripts;
  • Substituting the Chairman in times of absence;
  • Managing and recruiting our volunteers;
  • Design en content of the promotion magazine;
  • Secretarial businesses.

Treasurer & Operations Officer

  • Responsible for all financial matters;
  • Responsible for all locations and catering: meetings with Bonheur Horeca Groep and Sodexo (catering);
  • Responsible for the Company Days planning: the time schedules and the lecture rooms, in cooperation with TiSEM Planning;
  • Preparing and sending the contracts, in cooperation with the External Affairs Officer;
  • Chairman of the audit of account meetings (4 times a year).

External Affairs Officer

  • Responsible for acquiring the participating companies;
  • Keeping in contact with the companies;
  • Preparing and sending the contracts, in cooperation with the Treasurer;
  • Present at the Acquisition Meetings (weekly meeting of all External Affairs Officers of all Asset departments).

Public Relations Officer

  • Coordinating and organizing the promotion period;
  • Design en content of the promotion materials;
  • Responsible for all outside communication, among others: social media, mailings, advertisements;
  • Contact person of the university on behalf of the promotion period;
  • Responsible for maintaining the website and keeping it up-to-date.