Board EBT 2022?

Do you want to be part of the board of the EBT 2022?
Interested in becoming part of the board of the EBT 2022? You can always send an e-mail to if you are looking for more information! There are 5 different functions and you can only join the EBT board if you are a Dutch-speaking student.

How to apply?
The board applications are open now! Send your CV and motivation letter to Please mention for which function(s) you want to apply.

Key Tasks EBT Board


  • Creating participation packages for companies;
  • Compiling the EBT program;
  • Acquiring companies over the summer period;
  • Brainstorming about the promotion period;
  • Keeping in touch with the other Asset board members.


  • EBT’s contact person for external organizations;
  • Responsible for the whole EBT organization;
  • Chairing the meetings;
  • Keeping track of the current state of affairs, the planning and the management of the EBT board;
  • Together with the Treasurer responsible for finance, as well as being present at all audit of account meetings;
  • Contact person for Asset en all other departments;
  • Helping other board members if necessary.

Vice-Chairman & Secretary

  • Coordinator during all days of the EBT;
  • Responsible for the scripts;
  • Substituting the Chairman in times of absence;
  • Managing and recruiting our volunteers;
  • Design en content of the promotion magazine;
  • Secretarial businesses.

Treasurer & Operations Officer

  • Responsible for all financial matters;
  • Responsible for all locations and catering: meetings with Bonheur Horeca Groep and CirFood (catering);
  • Responsible for the Company Days planning: the time schedules and the lecture rooms, in cooperation with TiSEM Planning;
  • Preparing and sending the contracts, in cooperation with the External Affairs Officer;
  • Chairman of the audit of account meetings (four times a year).

External Affairs Officer

  • Responsible for acquiring the participating companies;
  • Keeping in contact with the companies;
  • Preparing and sending the contracts, in cooperation with the Treasurer & Operations Officer;
  • Present at the Acquisition Meetings (weekly meeting of all External Affairs Officers of all Asset departments).

Public Relations Officer

  • Coordinating and organizing the promotion period;
  • Designen content of the promotion materials;
  • Responsible for all outside communication, among others: social media, mailings, advertisements;
  • Contact person of the University on behalf of the promotion period;
  • Responsible for maintaining the website and keeping it up-to-date.