EBTilburg App

The EBTilburg app is now available for Android and iOS! The app will allow you to receive all necessary information about the EBT at any time, in any place. Your personal schedule, EBT news, information regarding the participating companies, your personal EBT card (QR code), a map of all locations used during the EBT, and all contact details can be found in the EBTilburg app.

My EBT Card (QR code)
Besides providing you with all important information and updates ‘The My EBT Card’ will be provided. The EBT Card, or QR Code, is mandatory when visiting any activity during the EBT. You can only get access to your QR code by downloading the ‘EBTilburg’ app. When visiting any activity during the EBT 2021, your QR Code will be scanned at the start of an activity. In other words, the QR code can be seen as your personal entrance ticket, which contains all information on the events you will be visiting.

So download the ‘EBTilburg’ app now, to stay up-to-date and get access to the events. The app can be found by searching ‘EBTilburg’ in the App Store or Google Play Store or you can find them by clicking the links below.

Download the app for iOS

Download the app for Android